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Picking the Right Plastic Cardstock

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Picking the Right Plastic Cardstock

When looking to print plastic ID cards for your security needs, ID card printers are not the only thing you should be paying attention to. While it does matter a great deal that, say, the Fargo DTC 4500e, offers a wider range of useful options for your printing operations, you should be equally concerned with choosing suitable plastic cardstock. These come in different shapes and sizes, and it is important to pick one that suits your needs and preferences.

PVC and Composite

PVC is the standard cardstock type used in the majority of ID card programs. You get a wide range of choices under this, with options including environment-friendly cards, CR80 30 mil cards, and even ones that come with signature panels. Composite cards are 40% PVC, with the rest being polyester, and consequently have greater durability than regular PVC cards.

These are the best option when you need to use a laminating printer that runs on reverse transfer technology, because of the higher heat involved in the process. You can be sure that the card will take the heat without melting.

Data Cards

When you need your cards encoded in order to keep the data on them safe, there is more than one option to go with. Magnetic strips cards can be used in student IDs, retail rewards cards, library cards, gym memberships cards, and a lot more. These carry minimal data and can be issued and used either on temporary or on permanent basis.

If your card should bring higher flexibility in use, then prox cards are worth considering. These have been gaining popularity over the past decades, and can even be made to carry magnetic encoding. You swipe these in front of the scanner to open doors. Prox cards can also function as a photo ID.

Color PVC Cards

These are used less frequently than white PVC cards, but range widely when it comes to color. These days you can get cardstock in green, purple, dark blue, red, orange, fluorescent blue, yellow, green dark green, copper, silver, red, red gold, blue, black, light blue, metallic green gold, pink, and yellow.

These cards are made using the same material as your regular PVC cards, and are different only in terms of color. They come in the CR80 30 mil size, which can be used in the majority of badge holders and printers.