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Mistakes To Avoid When Buying An ID Card Printer

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Mistakes To Avoid When Buying An ID Card Printer

Printing ID cards, membership cards, and visitor passes in-house can be very beneficial for businesses. This can not only offer added control but also offer cost savings. However, with numerous choices and options available, it might be confusing to find a suitable ID card printer for you. Before beginning to shop, go through the mistakes to avoid while buying an ID card printer, because knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do.


Buying An ID Card Printer Based On Price Alone 

Budget is always important when buying something, but you also have to ensure that you buy a printer that can do the job for you. An entry-level ID card printer might look better on your budget, but printing a large number of ID cards on a low volume can overextend the machine and can result in expensive repairs. You can discuss with the professional about:

  • The volume of info that needs to be printed on the ID cards.
  • The quantum of ID cards that need to be printed.
  • Will the cards need to store data in smart chips or mag stripes?

Considering Only Your Immediate Needs 

Before selecting a printer for your business, you need to consider the future needs and goals of your ID card program.

  • Will you be using the ID cards for door access or attendance and time tracking?
  • Is printing on either side of the ID card a necessity? 
  • Do you wish to laminate the card to extend its life or for added durability?

Some ID printers will need only a special ribbon for dual-sided printing and other upgrades such as lamination are offered as plug-and-play modules. Make sure to discuss the upgrade options with the professional before buying an ID card printer.

Printing Dual Sided Cards with a Single-Sided Printer 

You can print one side of the ID card and then flip it manually to print on the other side. However, this is not a recommended way to print dual-sided cards. This is because debris, dirty hands, fingerprints, and dust can damage and distort the images printed on the cards and in the worst case, damage the printhead of the ID card printer.

Replacing printheads can be very costly and they may not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty if they are damaged due to improper handling. Therefore, you need to plan and buy a dual sided ID card printer that is capable of printing on both sides of the card.


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