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ID Card Printers Review: Magicard Helix

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ID Card Printers Review: Magicard Helix

Magicard Helix online review


The Magicard Helix ID card printer is another of Magicard’s excellent printers. It offers high-quality printing for all kinds of professional needs. The ID card printer works using retransfer printing technology to deliver superior results in any environment. It comes with HoloKote watermark technology as a default option as well to ensure high-level security.

The Magicard Helix is a single-sided ID card printer, which features a smart touchscreen interface and 200-card capacity input and output hoppers. The ID card printer is field-upgradable to double-sided printing as well, which allows users to modify the machine as per the changing needs of their organization. Below are three properties of the Magicard Helix ID card printer that highlight what makes it a good choice for a reverse transfer printer, and one of Magicard's best printers.

Better Quality

This retransfer ID card printer produces vibrant and saturated colors to give ID cards and badges an high-quality appeal. It offers edge-to-edge card printing with top of the line quality and efficiency. A Magicard Helix can also print on cards that have uneven surfaces, such as smartcards with embedded chips, antennas, and circuits. As the printhead does not touch the card surface ever, there is no need for any expensive printhead replacement cost with Magicard Helix either.

Better Security

The built-in HoloKote technology in Magicard Helix attaches a unique watermark onto each of the ID cards and badges as it is being printed. This adds an extra layer of security to the ID cards for organizational use. There are around 10 different watermarks included in the printer by default, while users can also customize and create their own watermark with the company logo or any preferred design. That makes it ideal for government establishments, military agencies, banking and financial organizations, universities, and other institutions.

Better Functionality

The intuitive touchscreen user-interface in Magicard Helix makes it very easy to operate and use for quick printing of ID cards and badges. The colorful display offers all the relevant information needed, such as print preview, printing status, ribbon level, and troubleshooting details. Magicard Helix also comes with inbuilt USB and Ethernet connectivity that makes it simple to share the printer with multiple users. Moreover, it is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems.

Magicard Helix also supports integrating different encoding options to make the ID cards even more secure and functional, such as magnetic stripe, contact, and contactless encoding features. It comes with a 3-year Magicard UltraCoverPlus warranty and loaner service as well, which offers wide coverage for the printer and the printhead.