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ID Card Printers That Work with Mac

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ID Card Printers That Work with Mac

Over the past couple of decades, desktops and laptops from Apple have grown more common in offices. In the 90’s, the average Mac user used to be hard pressed to find the same hardware and software options as their counterparts using Windows and Linux based systems. Changes in technology have definitely transformed the scenario in that respect, especially when you consider Magicard printers but there are still peripheral machines, which come out in the market lacking Mac compatibility. It bears making sure these days that this is not the case with whatever product you buy. Below is a list of ID card printers that work with Macs.

ID Card Printers Compatible with Mac

  • Fargo HDP5000: Sold in both single- and double-sided iterations, this card printer model brings advanced features, and is lightweight and compact. Appealing aspects include Ethernet connectivity, layered vibrant printing, intuitive interface, and ease in cleaning and maintaining. You also have the option to upgrade and bring in laminating and encoding features.
  • Fargo DTC4500e: This model appears on the market as a single-sided printer, and is famous for being able to handle high volume printing loads. Your business may require a lot of cards printed in short periods, in which case this printer can turn out to be an excellent choice. The speed, ease of use, internet access facility, and lamination features make it great when printing higher-quality cards.
  • Evolis Zenius: This printer puts out single-sided ID cards, and can print these in bulk. It can also handle light, on-demand printing really well. Apart from the sleek and compact design, it also brings higher ease of use, making it a worthy inclusion on any list of Mac-compatible card printers.
  • Evolis Primacy: This is a dual-sided printer line, which delivers reliable and speedy results while confining itself to minimal space on your desk. The compactness renders it an easy fit inside any office, and one would no doubt fall in love with enhanced energy efficiency feature. Evolis Primacy also shines by being user-friendly, internet ready, and efficient. Into the bargain, the supplies it uses are designed to cut cost on ribbon replacement.

The above list is in no way conclusive, and yet it more or less covers the long-standing crowd favorites in the ID card printer arena. Mac compatibility is generally seen as just icing on the cake, but for a Mac user, it certainly rates as one of those small favors they would normally be thankful for.