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ID Card Printers Review: IDP Smart-70 Printer

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ID Card Printers Review: IDP Smart-70 Printer

IDP Smart-70 is an innovative dual-sided ID card printer that is designed for high-volume ID cards and badges production. It comes with a massive 500-card input hopper and a 100-card output hopper to make bulk printing simpler. The ID card printer also sports a high-tech modular design that allows users to customize the device as per the changing printing needs of their establishment.

The Smart-70 ID card printer by IDP has a flipper module that makes dual-sided printing work like a breeze. Users can also add a laminator module in the unit for instant dual-sided laminating. There are options to upgrade the printer with magnetic stripe and contact or contactless smart card encoding features for better security. Ideally, IDP Smart-70 suits all the needs of corporate users, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, government bureaus, and more.

Below are some of the impressive features of the Smart-70 ID card printer, which will help you understand what makes it a reliable option for the modern-day printing needs.

Modular Design

IDP Smart-70 has an adaptable and flexible design that makes it easy to get it up and running in no time. It features a durable metal frame build with shaft construction that guarantees you reliable card production for years. You can also upgrade the ID card printer to a fully-configured system as per your needs.

There are no special tools required for the upgrades; it can be done manually at any time by following the instructions of the manufacturer. You also get an alignment plate and communications cable with IDP Smart-70 to get the job done easily.

Intuitive Interface

The Smart-70 dual-sided ID card printer by IDP supports all kinds of usage environments. It comes with a convenient simplex configuration along with a combined side-loading and front-loading system. This makes changing or replacing the printer ribbons or other supplies much simpler.

The ID card printer also has an LCD control panel that notifies you of the printer status. This makes it a user-friendly machine that can be operated by any user without much expertise. The LED indicator on the top of the machine will indicate the flipper status, so that you can fix any error in time.

High-Quality Printing

IDP Smart-70 works on dye-sublimation printing technology to produce high-quality ID cards and badges. It is compatible with large-capacity monochrome and CMYK ribbons, which deliver you brilliant images, crisp texts, and vibrant colors. The direct-to-card can print in up to 300dpi resolution and produce great edge-to-edge output.

It is very easy to attach the flipper module to the ID card printer as well for streamlined dual-sided printing. There is also a convenient ejection device inside the flipper, which can easily remove the misprinted or faulty cards. Besides, Ethernet and USB connectivity come as standard features in the Smart-70 ID card printer. This gives you added versatility for all kinds of ID cards and badges printing jobs.

Reliable Performance

The Smart-70 dual-sided ID card printer is made for high-volume printing. It offers you consistent performance in all kinds of usage scenarios and can produce top-notch ID cards and badges very quickly and efficiently. You can print up to 1000 monochrome cards in an hour using IDP Smart-70, while it can print up to 225 full-color cards in one hour.

The distinctive card feeding process of the ID card printer employs a hook and pulley system, which ensures accurate and scratch-free card feeding. This helps to avoid damages on the surface of the ID cards as they are fed to the machine. This also means that you get high-resolution image quality always.

Integrated Security

IDP Smart-70 offers you robust security features as well. It comes with a physical cartridge locking mechanism as well as an anti-theft Kensington® lock system to prevent unauthorized access to the machine. You can also use the password verification function in the ID card printer for root access and user authentications.

The data transmitted on USB through the Smart-70 printer can be encrypted as well, while there are options for SSL Protocol on Ethernet communications too. You can also set up a specific PC that is authorized for printing and encoding ID cards for your organization.

Comprehensive Warranty

IDP offers you top-of-the-line warranty plans for the Smart-70 dual-sided ID card printer. The 3-year advanced exchange coverage by IDP allows you to exchange your machine for a replacement printer in case it stops functioning during the warranty period. The replacement printer will also be covered under the initial warranty.

In addition, the Smart-70 ID card printer also comes with a 2-year unlimited prints/passes printhead warranty. This allows you to get the blown-out printheads replaced with a new one. The replacement printhead will be covered for the duration of the original 2-year warranty. This helps to ensure that your investment in the ID card printer is secure and you will always get the best output from the machine.

You can find the IDP Smart-70 printer here.

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