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Choosing an ID Card Printer Based on your Security Needs

Selecting the ideal ID card printer is becoming increasingly difficult these days due to the availability of numerous printer models that come with advanced features and alluring price points. That is why it is essential to assess your requirements well to make an informed decision. Featured below is our quick guide to choosing the right ID card printer based on your security needs.

For Basic Security

You can go for any reliable photo ID card printer to get basic visual security features. A high-quality photo on the ID card will be enough to identify the cardholder quickly. Many entry-level ID card printers produce impressive images on ID cards in up to 600dpi resolution. Some come with additional features for printing 1D barcodes too. These can be used for printing loyalty cards and student membership cards while keeping your budget under control. The Zebra ZC100 is the perfect solution for fast and easy card printing that's efficient and inexpensive, with some added security features for data encryption during printing.

For Low to Medium Security

If you need to upgrade your security features a little, you can go for an ID card printer that supports magnetic stripe encoding. Most ID card printers come with optional magnetic stripe encoding capabilities these days, so choosing one for your needs will not be that tricky. Magnetic stripe swipe cards are quite versatile and can add more functionality to your ID cards, such as managing access, tracking employee or student attendance, making payments, and more.

You can also go for contactless smart cards if you need more reliable and robust security features. Some ID card printers allow upgrading the system to support smart card technology and print cards and badges to hold more data. Smart cards printed by professional-class ID card printers will last for a long time and be used for a wide range of purposes as per your needs. One excellent option is the Magicard Enduro 3e ID card printer. This printer offers magnetic stripe, smart chip, and contactless encoding available through factory upgrading at the time of sale. Not only that but Magicard also offers visual security options standard with their models with secure Holokote watermark technology. 

For High Security

A simple upgrade to the lamination feature will make your ID cards more secure against tampering and counterfeiting. Besides, laminating ID cards also help to prolong their life and improve card durability. Laminating magnetic stripe cards or contactless smart cards will further bolster your ID cards' security features while allowing you to enjoy numerous benefits with their enhanced functionality and use. One great option for this is the Zebra ZXPSeries 7 Dual-Sided ID Card Printer, as this model offers wasteless laminating, which reduces laminating costs by 30% while being environmentally friendly.

You can also add holographic images on the ID cards to add to their security features and make it simpler for the security personnel on the site to identify and prevent unauthorized access. Magicard printers, for instance, come with an intuitive HoloKote feature that allows you to add a secure watermark on the ID cards as they are being printed. You can also customize the holographs as per your needs and achieve the highest card security standard possible.

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