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ID Card Printer Reviews 2019

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ID Card Printer Reviews 2019

ID card printers play a key role in today’s average workplace by providing a method of printing secure and compact ID’s. These ID’s serve a wide variety of purposes such as security, tracking, and payment methods. The use of custom ID cards span across a long list of industries and organizations. Here is just a brief list of 10 printer models that have taken the market by storm over the year so far.

Magicard Pronto

The Magicard Pronto is a compact and user-friendly ID card printer that’s ideal for smaller organizations and businesses. It features rewritable cards, easy ink ribbon loading, as well as Magicard’s patented reflective and watermark functionality called Holokote®. Here is where you can view and purchase the Magicard Pronto.

Point comparison of the Magicard Pronto

Magicard Enduro 3E

The Magicard Enduro 3E is the ideal ID Card Printng solution for medium to large businesses and organizations. With a higher feed count and improved speed, the Enduro 3E is capable of printing 10,000 ID cards per year. Now backed by a three year warranty, there’s never been a better time to purchase one. You can view and purchase the Enduro 3E on the official Bodno marketplace.

Point comparison of the Magicard Enduro 3E

Fargo DTC1250e

The Fargo DTC1250e is perfect for small to medium sized organizations and businesses. With a 100 input hopper and a 30 card output hopper, the printer can produce a single card in 16 seconds, or 225 card per hour. It come bundled with network secure data protection and can be upgraded to be single or dual sided. Here is where you can purchase the Fargo DTC1250e.

Point comparison of the Fargo DTC1250e

Badgy 100

One of the more affordable ID card printers which also delivers excellent performance, the Badgy 100, comes with plug-and-play drivers capable of facilitating a flawless setup regardless of whether you use a Mac or a Windows PC. The compact shape factor lets you stash this machine in most office cabinets. It does come at the price of printing speed, however, as a single card takes an understandable 45 seconds to print. You can view and order the Badgy 100 here.

Point comparison of the Badgy100

Zebra ZC350

Packing tremendous power into a sleek and small package, this printer produces 1,000 monochrome or 225 vibrant within an hour. A direct-to-card printer, it comes with card thickness recognition as well as 100-card capacity input and output hoppers, and a charming LED display. See all the specifications and order the ZC350 here.

Point comparison of the Zebra ZC350

Zebra ZC100

The ZC100 is a compact, straightforward package, suited well to creating membership cards, loyalty cards, event passes, and ID badges. With easy plug and play functionality, it can print both full-color and monochrome ID cards, and comes with advanced security features to help prevent unauthorized printing as well as government-grade government encryption. Here is where you can view and purchase the Zebra ZC100 on the Bodno marketplace.

Point comparison of the Zebra ZC100

Fargo DTC4500e

This reliable and sizeable ID card printer is ideal for medium size to large organizations. With a whopping 200 card input hopper and 100 card output hopper, the device is able to print a single card at 16 seconds. With powerful customizable add-ons and modules this model of Fargo is one of the most efficient on the market. You can see the rest of the specifications for this printer as well as look at purchasing options for the Fargo DTC4500e on our online store.

Point comparison of the Fargo DTC4500e

Fargo HDP5000

A retransfer printer, the HDP5000 delivers superior print quality, security, durability, and reliability in a single package. The flexible modular design lets you upgrade easily to laminated, smart-encoded, or dual-sided printing, as well as greatly increase the capacity of the input and output hopper. You can view and purchase the Fargo HDP5000 here.

Point comparison of the Fargo HDP5000

IDP Smart-51

This printer brings flexibility, ease-of-use, high efficiency, and low cost. With a print quality maximum of 1200dpi, this printer offers incredible quality in a tiny bundle. Able to meet low volume high quality printing requirements at a budget point of entry, it offers the best solution for government ID, access control, healthcare, and many more. You can find the IDP Smart-51 on the Bodno marketplace here.

Point comparison of the IDP Smart-51

Magicard 600

The Magicard 600 offers unparalleled security features seen in no other ID card printers to date. Set to release on April 1st, this printer is sure to take the world by store with its 10-layer HoloKote® and HoloPatch® overlays and its memory shredding capabilities.

Point comparison of the Magicard 600