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ID Card Printer Review: Fargo HDP5000

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ID Card Printer Review: Fargo HDP5000

Fargo HDP5000 is a reliable dual-sided ID card printer option for those who want high-quality output at an affordable price. The HDP5000 printer comes with high-definition retransfer printing capabilities, which gives you crisp, precise, and well-defined results when printing barcodes and QR codes. What's more, the HDP5000 is both easy to operate and maintain thanks to its cartridge-based ribbons and lamination. With this cartridge system, you can help eliminate torn and wasted materials.

Fargo's HDP5000 printer works with reverse transfer printing technology. The thermal transfer printing function keeps the costs low while producing high-end results. Not only that, but the ID card printer works with half-panel ribbons, further reducing the cost per image by up to 30%. You can also print in 300 dpi resolution for optimal use of printer ribbons. Fargo's intuitive user interface provides easy-to-understand status messages alongside multiple language options on a SmartScreen LCD panel.

The Fargo HDP5000 also features 5th-gen retransfer printing technology. Re-transfer printing technology combines the advanced features of high-resolution printing alongside the dependability and permanence of HDP printers. As the printhead does not touch the cards, you can expect a higher life expectancy from your ID card printer. You can even print over the edges of your id cards. Re-transfer printing also makes it easy to print on uneven card surfaces, allowing you to produce high-quality smart cards, pre-punched cards, proximity cards, and key tag cards for your school or business.

The HDP5000 ID card printer also comes in a variety of configurations to meet the varying needs of users. This printer can use CR80 cards with a thickness of 30-mil to 50-mil. The printing capacity is also no joke; you can get a full-color single-sided card printed in just about 40 seconds with Fargo HDP5000. It will take only around 24 seconds to print a monochrome single-sided ID card as well. The Fargo HDP5000 comes with a 100-card input hopper and a 200-card output hopper to make bulk printing a breeze. There is even an option to upgrade your model with a dual-card input hopper to increase your printing volume.

Interested in more secure card features? Use a holographic retransfer film with the Fargo HDP5000 to create more secure ID cards for your organization. This ID card printer can also allow easy upgrades to accommodate magnetic stripe encoding and lamination features, further boosting the security of your ID cards. The Fargo HDP5000 ID card printer is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty as well as a lifetime printhead warranty.


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