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Choosing From Holographic vs. Standard Laminate For Your ID Cards


Choosing your laminate type is one of the most critical decisions to ensure maximum security with your ID cards. Laminate will also affect which ID card printer is best suited for your needs. Although printers with lamination options can be a bit more expensive, they are a worthy investment in card longevity and functionality. Below is a quick guide to help you decide whether standard clear laminate or holographic laminate is right for your ID cards.


Standard/Clear Laminate

You can go for a standard or clear laminate if your business is conscious about the overall budget but still looking for card longevity. Standard laminate ribbon prices are much lower than that of holographic laminate ribbons but can offer decent protection to your ID cards. Clear laminate is ideal for small-scale companies and startups that need adequate card security with minimum investment.

Standard laminate is also a good option for those who do not want their ID cards and badges to be flashy and prefer keeping them simple. Holographic designs have served their purpose but also draw the attention away from the details on the card. Therefore, if you have put a lot of effort into creating a unique and attention-grabbing card design, then coating your card or badge with a clear laminate is best for letting the ID card details have the spotlight. The Zebra ZXP Series 7 Dual-sided ID Printer is one of the best printers with lamination thanks to their wasteless laminating option. The protective layer is environmentally friendly and helps to reduce lamination costs by at least 30%.


Holographic Laminates

Investing in an ID card printer with holographic laminate options is ideal for businesses that need high-end security for their cards or badges. Holographic laminate will not only protect your ID cards from regular day-to-day rough use but also make them more secure against counterfeiting attempts. Holographic laminate will reflect the light falling on the ID card and make it easier for the security personnel to identify unauthorized access.

Holographic laminate also makes it nearly impossible to replicate the ID card data while producing an elegant and stylish finish. So, if you want your ID cards and badges to stand out and make a statement while ensuring superior security features, then holographic laminate will be the better choice. As holographic laminate ribbons generally cost a bit more than the standard ones, they are mostly preferred by mid to large-scale organizations. The Fargo HDP5000 is another reliable option for ID card printers with lamination options and offers both clear laminate and holographic lamination options for added security.

Note that both holographic and standard laminates are technically transparent and will not affect the prints' visibility at all. Thus, choosing either of the two will support your need to get a long-lasting, durable, and functional ID card. Just make sure to select the right laminate thickness as per your ID card printer's printing and laminating capabilities.


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