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Comparing Paper And Plastic ID Card Printers  

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Comparing Paper And Plastic ID Card Printers  

If you are printing your ID cards on paper and then laminating them manually, then you already know how difficult and time-consuming the process can be. Even if you are only making twenty ID cards per day, the time it takes to print the cards and the material costs can add up quickly. Printing ID cards on paper and then laminating can cost anywhere between 2 to 4 dollars per card, but directly printing plastic ID cards will cost only 40 to 50 cents per card!


If you are planning to move from paper ID cards to plastic cards, you can consider Evolis or Fargo printers. Both these manufacturers offer entry-level ID card printers that can be easily used to print on plastic cards. Two popular models are Evolis Primacy and the Fargo DTC250e ID card printer system. Both these ID printer systems can make things very easy for first-time users. You can buy the ID card printer system, ID card software, PVC cards, color ribbon, and webcam together and it can help you save a few bucks.


Paper ID Cards Vs Plastic ID Cards 

Printing on plastic cards instead of paper is more durable and budget-friendly. More importantly, plastic ID cards will offer a more professional look and can be a modern way to represent your brand and your business. The upfront cost may be lower when printing paper ID cards, but it is not an ideal option for high production runs. In addition, there will be much paper wastage if you are only printing a few ID cards per day and the lamination process can be time-consuming. Moreover, the printer ink cost, lamination cost, and camera price will be additional.


When compared to paper ID card printing, the upfront cost for printing plastic ID cards is high. However, the ID card software, camera, and card stock will be included in the package and you need not spend more money on any other consumables. Plastic ID card printing can be suitable for low or high production runs and it can provide a finished card in a few seconds. While printing plastic IDs, you have the option to add anti-forgery security and holograms, which can increase the security of your business and ensure the safety of your employees. You may also easily upgrade plastic ID cards to suit the varying needs of your business.