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Comparing IDP Smart-31 vs. IDP Smart-51

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Comparing IDP Smart-31 vs. IDP Smart-51

IDP is one of the most trusted ID card printer manufacturers out there. Their trade name “Smart” line of products offers great performance and flexibility while suiting all kinds of corporate environments and printing needs. Below is a quick comparison of two of their best direct-to-card printers, IDP Smart-31 and IDP Smart-51.

Comparing IDP Smart-31 vs. IDP Smart-51

IDP Smart-31 is an upgrade to the Smart-30 ID card printer but is still considered to be very affordable and offers great results for an entry-level printer. You can print a full-color identity card or badge within just around 23 seconds with IDP Smart-31. Not only that, but it can also print a monochrome ID card or badge in around 5 seconds. The ID card printer comes with an 80-card input hopper and a 25-card output hopper which allows efficient printing in small batches.

IDP Smart-31 can also be configured to include advanced security measures and other features such as encoding, rewritable printing, and dual-sided printing. The ID card printer is compact in size and comes with an excellent 3-year advanced exchange warranty. Additionally, the manufacturer also offers a 2-year unlimited warranty for the print head.

IDP Smart-51 is a successor to the Smart-50 ID card printer which is built upon the features of IDP Smart-31. The additional options that come by default in the Smart-51 include lamination, encoding, and dual-sided printing. This ID card printer has a sturdy metal frame body and steel ball bearings to ensure long-term durability. It offers faster printing speeds and can print around 212 full-color single-sided ID cards in an hour, which means one card in just around 17 seconds.

IDP Smart-51 works with a dye-sublimation technology giving it excellent print quality when printing photo ID cards. Its advanced CPU and built-in LCD display further makes the Smart-51 an easy to use ID card printer. Not only that, but it also allows manual cleaning with a simple press of two buttons. IDP Smart-51 also has a larger card capacity when compared to their other printer models, making it more efficient for batch printing ID cards and badges.

Both the Smart-31 and the Smart-51 provide value for money with their high-quality outputs and user-friendliness. The ID card printers perfectly fit the needs of users who require printing around 1,000 ID cards and badges in a year. Both of them support Ethernet connectivity and edge-to-edge coverage as well which is a great advantage to have available for ID card printers in a corporate environment.

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