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Accessories to Secure your ID Card

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Accessories to Secure your ID Card

ID cards are physical proof of identity that people use to gain access to spaces they are authorized to be in. Their significance is such that it is imperative to maintain them in a safe manner to avoid scratches and other forms of damage. Moreover, for many, it may be vital that these cards stay readily available throughout the day, which brings in the need for smartly chosen accessories that elevate convenience and security.

Badge Holders

Arguably the best way to make your ID card last longer, aside from having it printed out of one of the better ID card printers such as the Evolis Badgy200, is to keep it in a badge holder at all times. This is typically a plastic holder in one of a variety of styles, mainly intended to serve as a physical barrier that holds off objects, which could damage the card. Following are some of the main types of badge holder.

  • Prox card
  • Standard clear
  • Rigid
  • Colored

Badge Reels

To keep your card within easy access but unobtrusive, you could attach it to a badge reel. These clip onto the lapel, pocket, or shirt of your work uniform or clothing, and allow you to pull the card outwards. It springs back when you let go, right back to where the clip is. This keeps it out of the way, unlike a card swinging off a lanyard. Following are some of the main types of badge reel.

  • Standard
  • Fashion
  • No-twist
  • Heavy-duty


For your ID card use to be flexible as well as easy for the most part, you may want to consider wearing a lanyard. These can be seen worn by employees in almost any industry. Lanyards can be used easily, and some are even able to hold more than a single card, as well as other items like keys and small tools. Lanyards mostly have safety breakaway clips, which open automatically when the lanyard is grabbed, so as to minimize the probability of workplace accidents caused by snagging. Following are some of the main types of lanyard.

  • Standard
  • Fashion
  • Safety
  • Specialty

Aside from reels, badge holders, and lanyards, you could pick from other accessories like badge strap clips, ID pins, ID clips, and magnetic ID attachments.