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A Review of Zebra ZXP7

A Review of Zebra ZXP7

The Zebra ZXP Series 7 ID printer is completely different from the Series 8 with the absence of optional dual lamination module. This is a heavy ID badge printer which weighs around 27 pounds. Additionally, if you add the optional lamination module, the total weight becomes 39 ½ pounds which can be heavy to carry. However, if you are looking to make progress in your work productivity, this is a module that can suit your needs for IDP printers. Below is a discussion on the Zebra ZXP7.

Considering Speed

The printer can produce 300 cards/hour with full color and one-sided printing. In case you are printing on both the back and the front using black and white only, you can receive an output of 225 cards every hour. The machine attains this high speed by ensuring a minimum of three cards within the print path at any point in time. The Zebra ZXP 7 has a lineup which brings the next card towards the printhead quicker than most of the ID card printers. This speed makes it ideal for the healthcare sector, transportation, as well as hospitality.

200 Card Input Capacity

The ZXP7 printer’s input hopper provides a card capacity of 200 which is quite impressive. The output hopper is a bit of a letdown in comparison to the input hopper. It has a capacity of 100 cards output, which can be slightly inconvenient as it would require you to clear the output hopper before it gets filled up. This is a disadvantage for a fast printer like ZXP7 and a mark against it considering its other superior features.

Impressive Print Quality

ZXP7’s print quality is quite high. It boasts a 300 dpi print quality which is as good as many other similar printers in the spectrum. Furthermore, it offers better surface coverage too.

Overall Verdict: Ideal for Large Production Needs

If you’re looking for an ID card printer that comes in handy for all your large production needs, the Zebra ZXP Series 7 could be your go-to printer. It has commendable capacity, clarity, and speed which will cater to your requirements.

The Zebra ZXP7 brings together the printing capacities of the Zebra p430i and p330i. Further, it combines the laminating prowess of Zebra p640i and p630i.

The Zebra ZXP7 is a printer that has several advantages of other printer models combined into one. The high production capacity, impressive print quality, and high input capacity are worthy of making it one of the top printers in its spectrum. The price point is in-line with other card printers of its size, but we marked it down on our storefront by $1,300 making the dual sided model $2,495.00. The single-sided option is slighter cheaper at $1,995.00. If you interested in purchasing the Zebra ZXP7 for your business or organization, you can do so here: