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A Review of the Zebra ZXP Series 3 Printer

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A Review of the Zebra ZXP Series 3 Printer

Zebra is a leading manufacturer of ID card printers and has been for some time now. Its start in the business was admittedly a bit rocky, mainly because of the way that its initial model, the ZXP8, bombed among users. These days, however, the brand puts out some really decent specs on its latest products, of which, the Zebra ZXP3 is widely seen as the best.

At first glance, this machine looks very familiar to users of older models, while others see it as a mostly modest piece of equipment. The solid design from the P100 series has made it over, and that gives you a reason to hope in terms of performance. The following benefits of the ZXP3 are the most notable.

Boosted Print Speed

Faster by up to a third from its predecessor, the ZXP3 is able to print a full-color YMKCO card, single-sided, in no more than 20 seconds. Previous models had this as slow as 30 seconds, which proves how significant an improvement the ZXP3 has brought.

New Film Cartridge

Zebra has apparently found a way to step up speed while bringing down costs, which is great for users. The higher speed owes to the ZRaster image processing technology, which lets the printer take over some of the heavy load from your computer processor. Faster and cheaper form a rare combination, and this product delivers exactly that.

Edge-to-Edge Printing

This next generation zebra printer is also highly capable in other respects, such as printing edge-to-edge, where you can be sure that no part of the card remains unprocessed. It does this so well that it looks a lot like retransfer printing.

Near Field Communication

This feature lets you read printer information and open online help pages, by doing nothing other than holding an NFC-enabled smartphone to the logo pasted on the printer.

Nifty Security Features

This printer brings some of the most robust security, including the option to leave it tethered to a desk using a physical lock slot. A key locking feature is available as well; this uses the lid of the printer. Taken together, these things make the ZXP3 a good choice for production environments where high security is an indispensable requirement.

Overall, the ZXP3 is a great printer to have, as well as possibly the best from the Zebra brand. If value and features are your things, then buying this printer would not leave you any worse off.