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A Quick Review of Zebra ZC350 ID Card Printer

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A Quick Review of Zebra ZC350 ID Card Printer

Most people that find themselves in need of an ID card printer want one that can put out top-quality results. The most logical approach to purchasing one is to choose a brand which has garnered a reputable name in the field. Zebra printers certainly fit in that category, especially the ZC Series ones, specifically the Zebra ZC350. Below is a short breakdown of the features that printers in this line carry.

Custom Covers and Smaller Profiles

Zebra printers do well in smaller settings with less extensive needs, such as hotel desks, retail stores, etc., where you generally want your card printing equipment to literally fit in. The customizable covers are a good touch, allowing the equipment to blend in. The newer models also allow taking off the side panels so that you can access the interior.

Advanced Card Feeding

The new card feeder in the ZC350 is able to automatically adjust when you feed a card of different thickness than that last. For dual-side printing, you can make use of the flipper module.

One-Step Loading/Unloading

Hinged doors for the output hopper, as well as the novel ribbon door design, make loading and unloading much simpler. The newer Zebra printers perform much faster thanks to this feature, and can be loaded much more easily than previous models. With there being just a single point of entry for the ribbon, users no longer have to worry complicated operation.

Added Security Features

When considering new card printers, the issue of security is always of the utmost importance. Security features are required for both the printer and the cards it processes. The ZC350 is a dual-sided printer with the option to relay finished cards all the way to a secure bin. Meanwhile, the printer itself has a cover lock that holds on to cards and ribbons. Zebra also brings host authentication firewalls that block intrusion, with government-grade encryption to safeguard any sensitive data.

Specialty Ribbons

The ZC350 has multiple new ribbon choices with special effects and specialty colors, including color-shifting graphics, which are tough to forge, and watermarks that can only be viewed from certain angles, or under specific light.

The Driver

The only thing to keep in mind with this printer is that you need to keep it connected to the PC, or it cannot access the necessary driver. That takes remote maintenance off the table, as well as demoing the driver. Unless connected to the printer, there is no way to load the driver.