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A Quick Review of the Fargo DTC 1250e ID Card Printers

The Fargo DTC1250e offers high-quality printing solutions for businesses and organizations with large use cases such as healthcare, office, and educational establishments. The benefits of the Fargo DTC1250e is that it is affordable, reliable, and powerful enough to meet all varieties of printing needs. The Fargo DTC1250e comes in a variety of different models to fulfill the demands of a diverse printing environment. Below is a quick look at the Fargo DTC1250e single-sided and dual-sided ID card printers. This will help you understand why the Fargo DTC 1250e could be the right option for your business or organization.

Fargo DTC 1250e Overview

The Fargo DTC1250e ID card printer is capable of printing both single-sided and dual-sided ID cards. The single-sided printing has a dye-sublimation print technology and can print in high speed. Printing a single-sided card in full-color takes around 16 seconds, while a single-sided monochrome ID card takes 6 seconds. The Fargo DTC1250e’s dual-sided ID card printer also employs the dye-sublimation print technology. It does come with a tradeoff, however, as it takes about 24 seconds to print a full-color ID card and only 6 seconds to print a monochrome ID card.

Both the Fargo DTC1250e’s single-sided and dual-sided printers come built with a 100-card input hopper and a 30-card output hopper. The printer models are supported by printer ribbons and includes a cleaner roller making the cleaning maintenance much easier. Proper routine cleaning can help reduce printing failures, especially when tasked with big printing jobs within a short time frame.

The Fargo offers a 3-year warranty for all Fargo DTC1250e printer models. The coverage includes a printer replacement and a one-time replacement of the printhead.

A Cost-Effective Solution for Quick ID Card Printing

The Fargo DTC1250e ID card printers becomes very handy when you need last-minute printing services such as requiring an ID at a registration office. Since there are 2 different models of the Fargo DTC1250e, they both require different connections and compatibilities. For instance, the single-sided Fargo DTC1250e printer only supports USB connectivity and offers no Ethernet support, but you can upgrade the printer to get Ethernet support and ISO magnetic stripe encoding features. Unfortunately, the single-sided printer does not offer the advanced encoding options for adding security to the ID cards.  The Fargo DTC1250e’s dual-sided printer supports Wi-Fi connectivity, giving it a printing advantage over the single-sided printer.

The Fargo DTC1250e printers’ can print on CR80 PVC and CR79 adhesive-backed ID cards and badges. The printers can produce high-quality prints on cards of varying thicknesses ranging from 9mm business cards to 40mm technology cards.

The Fargo DTC1250e dual-sided printer has the exclusivity of having the magnetic stripe and smart card encoding feature. This feature allows printing access cards, visitor badges, and ID cards with boosted security. The magnetic stripe and smart card encoding include a tracking system to indicate the location of the employee or student’s movement within the establishment and/or providing privileged accesses for the organization's purposes.

Both of the Fargo printers are compact and suitable for all office and organization environments. The Fargo DTC1250e’s single-sided printer is about 8.8 inches tall and 13.7 inches wide which makes it suitable for an office desk where the person can print when needed. The Fargo DTC1250e’s dual-sided printer is also compact and measures about 9.8 inches in height and 18.7 inches in width. Its compact size coupled with a powerful performance makes it an excellent option for any business or organization establishment. In addition, the Fargo DTC 1250e ID card printers are Energy Star Certified, their compatibility with eco-friendly ribbons supports the reduction of waste and offers reusable printer ribbon cartridges. Perfect for ‘green’ users that want top eco-friendly printing solutions for their establishments.

The Fargo DTC 1250e’s dual-sided ID card printer was specifically designed to be affordable and able to perform the best-quality prints in all circumstances.  Printing with the Fargo DTC1250e dual-sided printer estimates around $0.64 per card, about $0.02 more than the Fargo DTC1250e single-sided printer. The Fargo DTC1250e dual-sided printer is the best option for money-savers with more printing needs. The pros of having a dual-sided printer provides services for professional settings such as adding detail information onto the ID card’s encoding and showing a more sleek appearance. It is up to the user to decide on which printer will benefit them. The main factor depends on the user on how they will utilize the usage for both printers. If money is a factor, then the Fargo DTC1250e single-sided printer is the preferable option while the dual-sided printer can perform the same tasks as the single-printer.  With the Fargo DTC1250e dual-sided printer, if security is a must, then this printer is the way to go. You may purchase the Fargo DTC1250e here: