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A Quick Review of Fargo DTC 1250e ID Card Printer

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A Quick Review of Fargo DTC 1250e ID Card Printer

The Fargo DTC 1250e is one of the best ID card printers for small businesses, schools, and the hospitality industry. It is easy to use, affordable, and offers the fastest card printing speed in its class. The DTC1250e ID card printer from Fargo may be your best candidate for saving time and money as it can print a full-color ID card within just 16 seconds. This blazing fast speed allows you to print about 225 ID cards an hour; that’s about twice as fast as what other ID card printers in the same line can produce.

The Fargo DTC 1250e ID card printer outputs high-quality prints that are suitable for creating school ID cards, employee badges, visiting cards, access cards, and much more. It also comes with a dual-sided printing option which comes in handy when printing more information on ID cards aside from a name and identification code of the cardholder. Dual-side printing can be used to include barcodes, company details, or other important data on the ID card which greatly adds to its functionality and scope of use. These features are especially beneficial in a business environment.

Field Upgradable Wi-Fi

Fargo also offers a field upgradeable Wi-Fi feature with the DTC1250e ID card printer. Although it comes with the standard USB-only option, its Ethernet connectivity can be upgraded to support Wi-Fi connection. This can be a handy solution to a dynamic printing environment and means that you can upgrade the device at your own pace while staying well within your budget.

Encoding Options

DTC1250e by Fargo is also compatible with most of the modern encoding options such as ISO magnetic stripe encoding, dual coercivity, smart card encoding, and more. This is a feature usually seen in higher echelon ID card printer models like Fargo DTC 4250e and Fargo DTC 4500e. By having this feature included in the DTC1250e you can rest assured that your ID card printer provides top-quality security features.


One other benefit of the Fargo DTC 1250e is the flexibility available when choosing printer ribbons. You can incorporate both standard ribbon cartridges as well as refillable eco-friendly cartridges. By taking this approach, the DTC1250e printer can be a great choice for those who have small to medium card production needs.

The ID card printer works with a compact 30-card output hopper which guarantees quick turnarounds for the user. What’s more, Fargo also offers a 3-year warranty for DTC1250e so that you can have peace of mind while using the printer in any demanding printing environment.

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