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A Glossary of Proximity Smart Card Terms

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A Glossary of Proximity Smart Card Terms

You may have come across a lot of terms and acronyms when looking for ID printers, ID card software, ID card printers’ supplies, and blank ID cards. Learning about those terms and acronyms will help you to make a more informed decision the next time you shop for your ID security needs. One of the most commonly seen acronyms in the field of proximity smart cards is LGGMN. Read on to see what that 5-letter acronym means for proximity smart cards.

L – Programmed

Proximity cards come programmed and non-programmed to suit your current setup. L means pre-programmed smart cards that do not require you to program the ID cards. If the acronym starts with the letter N in proximity smart cards, then it means that the ID cards are not programmed and you will need special equipment to program them to use in your ID system. An ID card printer like the Zebra ZXP Series 7 can allow you to custom program proximity cards.

G – Card Front Surface

G refers to the blank white surface on the proximity card. You can print on this glossy surface as needed to represent your company. If the second letter in the acronym for your smart cards is C, then it means that your cards have a customized artwork on the front surface. You can also send your design to the card seller to customize your cards as per your needs.

G – Card Back Surface

The third letter, G, refers to the blank white surface on the rear side of the ID card. You can print on the back or leave it blank as per your desires. If the third letter on the acronym is an S, then it means standard ISOProx II artwork or proximity logo printed on the back of the card. If it is a C, then it refers to custom artwork printed on the rear side of the proximity card.

M – Card Numbering

The fourth letter represents how the ID cards are numbered – sequentially or randomly – and whether the card number on the inside matches the one on the outside. If you see an M, it means that sequential numbers are programmed inside the card and they are the same as the ones on the outside. If it is an A, then it means that random numbers are programmed inside and the cards have non-matching sequential numbers on the outside. If it is an N, then that refers to no external card numbering.

N – Slot Punch Hole

N represents no slot punch hole in the ID cards, which is the most common option for proximity smart cards. If it is replaced by a V, then it means that the ID cards have a vertical slot punch, while an H would indicate that the cards have a horizontal slot punch.

So as per the above reference, you can now see that a proximity card with the acronym LGGMN means that you have a programmed ID card that is blank on both sides, has matching sequential numbers on the inside and out, and does not have a slot punch hole.

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