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A Brief Review of Fargo DTC 4250e

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A Brief Review of Fargo DTC 4250e

The Fargo DTC 4250e is a popular card printer capable of producing huge volumes of quality, durable credentials; from user’s side, this can be accomplished with relative speed and ease. You could render anything from low-end plastic loyalty cards to photo IDs, and even more complex security access cards that come with electronics embedded in them. This model falls in the standard volume printer category, but can be upgraded based on the changing needs of any modern office.

High Versatility

The Fargo DTC 4250e comes with a Color Assist tool, which allows easy matching of spot colors, so that any reproduction of a complex graphic, such as an employee photo or the company logo, is kept highly accurate. There is no lamination feature, but that also means you can use more card sizes than in, say, the DTC 4500e. It is possible to upgrade the input hopper to the dual type. There is also an erase-and-rewrite-card option, letting you create temporary cards like visitor badges.

Enhanced Security

In-house security is not something to ignore, and the DTC 4250e helps you make sure protection stays top-notch, via the following enhanced options.

  • Embedded smart card encoder
  • Option to password-protect, so that only approved operators are able to process visitor badges and security cards
  • AES-256 data decryption to protect financial information
  • Fluorescent panel printing

Blazing Print Speeds

When it comes to speed, this model outdoes not only its predecessor, but also most of the competition among ID card printers. Where before it took a good 24 seconds to render a full-color print, Fargo DTC 4250e manages it in16 seconds. On the hour, that translates to 225 cards, which is impressive. Meanwhile, none of the print quality gets compromised – a close comparison shows that the prints from this model may even be better. Dual-side printing does not come as is; you need to upgrade the printer to get that functionality.

Field Upgradable Wi-Fi

Every brand from Evolis to Zebra is offering Wi-Fi right now, but Fargo has gone and made that a field-upgrade option in the DTC 4250e, which is smart in a way. At first, you get just the standard USB connectivity; if you want Ethernet or Wi-Fi, you need to upgrade the ID card printer.

Multiple Encoding Options

The encoding options form a wide range, covering standard mag, MIFARE and a lot more in between, such as ISO magnetic stripe, Smart Card, contact smart card, etc.