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3 Questions to Ask When Choosing an ID Badge Holder

Choosing the right ID card holder is an important part of implementing the best security standards in your organization. You may print high-quality ID cards and badges for your employees and visitors using smart security features, but it will not serve the purpose if they do not wear it properly. Therefore, you need to consider a few things when short-listing an appropriate ID badge holder for your company.

What Type of Card Can it Carry?

The basic function of all ID card and badge holders is to carry the card. However, not all kinds of badge holders suit all kinds of ID cards. For instance, if you are planning to issue ID cards with magnetic stripe encoding to your employees, then you need to make sure that the badge holder allows swiping the card at the required terminals easily.

Likewise, you should choose a rigid badge holder for smart cards so that they can prevent the ID cards from bending and avoiding other damages to the internal chip that could render the smart card useless.

Is Data Theft a Concern for You?

If you will be including a lot of personal information on the ID cards and badges, and are concerned about identity theft, then you will need to protect them from “skimming”. This is a kind of data theft from smart cards, wherein a data criminal can duplicate the credentials from your ID cards and badges using a reader from even one-foot distance.

Using a shielded badge holder will be ideal to prevent this type of data theft. This can be a good way to secure your organization when you are using smart ID cards for both ID and access control.

Do You Need it to Carry Multiple Cards?

Many organizations issue multiple credentials to their employees, such as an ID card for access management and another for payments in the on-site cafeteria. If you are planning to issue multiple cards to your employees, then you will need to find a multi-card solution for that too. Choosing a credential wallet or 3-card badge holder would be ideal in this situation.

If your employees need to carry a single card only, then you can go with any standard ID card and badge holder considering the other factors as stated above. At the same time, do think about how you want your employees and visitors to wear ID cards and visitor badges. This will help you to find the right fit for your needs.

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