Magicard Rio Pro Dual Sided ID Card Printer & Complet...

Magicard Rio Pro Dual Sided ID Card Printer & Complete Supplies Package with Bodno Diamond Edition ID Software 

Magicard Rio Pro Dual Sided ID Card Printer & Complete Supplies Package with Bodno Diamond Edition ID Software 

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Product Highlights

  • Dual-sided photo ID system includes all components necessary for high-volume printing.
  • Printer features direct-to-card printing in full color or monochrome, USB and Ethernet connection, LCD display, 100-card input hopper, 70-card output hopper, single-card feeder slot, a built-in erase and rewrite function for reuse of temporary cards, HoloKoteⓇ watermarks for visual security, with optional customized watermarks.
  • Includes Bodno Photo ID Software Diamond Edition, a powerful and easy-to-use entry-level software for designing, managing, and printing your ID cards.
  • Backed by a UltraCoverPlus warranty—three-year warranty + three-year loaner coverage, and expert telephone and online customer service.

Diamond Edition

The Bodno Diamond Edition features:

  • Compatable with Windows and Mac
  • XLS, XLSX, CSV & TXT connection
  • QR Codes
  • Document Password Protection
  • Production Mode
  • Import data from Microsoft Excel
  • Link Photo Files To Multiple Records
  • Card templetes
  • Print 1D Barcodes
  • Image editor
  • Signature on cards
  • Free updates
  • Internal datebase - (store cards to reprint)
  • Barcodes 2D
  • Auto Face Detection in Live Acquisition
  • Automatic Face Crop
  • Image Acquisition through camera SDK
  • Fingerprint Acquisition
  • Users Allowances & Operation Logs (audit report)
  • Customized Features through Script
  • MS Access & SQLite with photo field
  • Search (query) Records
  • OLE Objects & Photo on Database Records
  • Overlay/UV/F Panel Management
  • Auto-print (Automatic print by DB update) Windows Only
  • Contact Smartcard Plugin (Run external app) Windows Only
  • Contact Smartcard
  • Contactless RFID Encoding Windows Only
  • Internal & External RFID Encoder Support Windows Only
  • Mifare CLASSIC & Ultralight (including NFC) Windows Only
  • Web Print Server Windows Only
  • Net License up to 16 PCs belonging to the same scope and sub-net

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Magicard Rio Pro Dual Sided ID Card Printer & Complete Supplies Package with Bodno Diamond Edition ID Software  Description

Magicard Rio Pro Dual-Sided Photo ID System

A Printer You Can Depend On

Is your biggest fear being left without a printer—especially at the start of a new season or semester, when you print the bulk of your cards?

If you cannot afford ANY downtime on your ID printer, the Rio Pro is for you. With its powerful print engine and high print speed,  it’s the go-to printer for tens of thousands of schools and businesses worldwide. And it comes with a three-year warranty with complete loaner coverage,so you’ll never be left without a (working!) printer.

Ideal for: Mid-to-large size businesses, schools, colleges.

Why you’ll love it: Excellent warranty. Reliable print engine. Fast printing.  HoloKote? watermark adds visual security without the need for lamination. Option to customize the Holokote watermark. 

Typical Applications: Student IDs, employee IDs, access control, payment cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, event badges, guest cards. 

Magicard Rio Pro Dual-Sided Printer

Take the Uncertainty Out of Your ID Printing

 If you do most of your ID card printing in a spurt, you can’t afford to have a printer  that breaks down when you need it most. With the Magicard Rio Pro, you get a powerful print engine designed to withstand continuous printing, with  a 100-card input hopper and 70-card output hopper that support the high volume. Backed by an industry-leading three-year warranty with three-year loaner coverage (most printers offer one-year loaner coverage at most), this is the printer that offers complete peace of mind.    

Expect High-Speed

The Rio Pro is fast: it prints 150 full-color cards per hour and 500 monochrome cards an hour.

Sleep Easy, Knowing Your Cards Are Forgery-Proof

Holokote is a Magicard patented technology that prints a secure watermark on every card, without using any special laminate or ribbon. The Rio Pro comes standard with a choice of 5 HoloKote designs and 1 Holokote Flex design (Flex designs can be sized to your specification). Plus, when paired with HoloPatch cards, one area of the watermark becomes a highly-visible gold security seal, so you can issue cards with outstanding visual security—at no extra cost.

Issue Striking ID Cards With Pride

The Rio Pro prints full-color or monochrome edge-to-edge images. What sets the Rio Pro apart from other direct-to-card printers is its use of ICC color profiles. This technology ensures that the image you print is as close as possible to the image you see on your screen. Display your brand’s professionalism with these super-accurate images. 

Anyone in Your Office Can Print

Designed for convenience and ease-of-use, the Rio Pro displays print status and cleaning, card, and ribbon alerts on a 4-line LCD display, with colored buttons for easy menu selection. Load the cards onto the 100-card input feeder for batch printing or hand-feed through the input slot for Dual prints. Either way is simple and straightforward enough for anyone to operate.

Save Money by Using Rewritable Cards

The Rio Pro can print on rewritable cards. This technology allows you to print—blue or black only, erase, and reuse the same card. With the Rio Pro’s flexible printing options, you can batch-print your organization’s info on one side of the rewritable card in full color, and then hand-feed the card to print employee or student info on the second side using rewritable printing.

Optional Dual-Side Printing

Not sure if you will need to print on both sides of the card on a regular basis? No problem. You can choose the Dual-sided Rio Pro now and then upgrade when you need to with a drop of a special ribbon - literally. It’s a simple upgrade with no hardware or tools necessary.

Optional Custom Watermark

Although the Holokote watermark is standard on every Magicard printer, with the Rio Pro you have the option of customizing the watermark with your own company logo or seal.

Optional Extra-Capacity Hoppers

Choose larger card-hoppers: Use a 200-card input hopper, and a 115- or 200- card output hopper (all sold separately) for even higher printer capacity.

Configure the Rio Pro According to your Needs

The Rio Pro can be factory-upgraded to support magnetic stripe, smart chip and contactless encoding. Factory upgrades must be ordered at time of sale.

Logitech C270 HD Webcam

Take High-Resolution Snapshots

The Logitech webcam features Logitech Fluid Crystal™ Technology—enabling it to capture crisp, clear photos that transfer effortlessly onto your photo ID badges. Simply plug it into your computer’s USB port and it is ready for use.

Color Ribbon and Cards

Everything you need to be up-and-running. Within minutes.

Want to start printing immediately? The system comes with a full-color YMCKO ribbon for printing 300 images, plus 300 Bodno PVC cards. So you have everything you need to get started, now.

Customer Reviews

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Byron Tech Support

Byron quickly found my problem and fixed it so I could print the cards! Thanks!