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What Should I Do With My Old ID Card Printer?

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What Should I Do With My Old ID Card Printer?

If you have owned an ID card printer, you may have wondered when to replace your old ID card printer or what to do with your old printer. If you are planning to replace your old ID card printer, you need to dispose of your old printer responsibly with a business that recycles the components of the printer or up-cycles the printer into a refurbished product. Shared below are some of the most common printer recycling questions and their answers. 


What To Do With My Old Printer? 

Have you made up your mind to ditch your old ID card printer? Did you know that you can recycle your ID printer and upgrade it to an improved model? Better yet, you can exchange the printer for the latest ID printer model. Many ID card printer manufacturers partner with resellers to offer trade-in promotions. For instance, if you are using an Evolis printer, you will be able to exchange your old Evolis printer for the latest Evolis ID card printer model. When you buy an eligible ID card printer model, the ID card printer manufacturer will accept your existing printer and may even offer you a credit towards your new purchase. 


Discounts for trade-ins may range from one hundred to seven hundred dollars depending on the ID card printer model. The printer manufacturer will ensure that your old printer is either refurbished, used for spare parts or recycled properly. 


When Should I Replace My ID Printer? 

Owing to ever-advancing technology and business requirements, it is typical for organizations to upgrade to a new ID card printer every three to five years. There can be different reasons to upgrade to a new ID card printer, but oftentimes, it can be due to the availability of new printer technologies that offer better energy consumption and eco-friendly supply components ensuring an eco-friendly ID card printer. 


The latest ID card printers available in the market come with improved card security features, together with conveniences like faster production speeds and easy operation. An old printer can result in costly repairs and interruptions to your ID badge issuance program, making a new investment a very logical choice. 

If you are looking to replace your old ID card printer model, you can get in touch with our experienced ID card professionals who can help you find the best ID card printer model for your requirements.