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Tips to Save Hundreds on Your ID Card Printing System 

Starting an ID card printing program can involve a considerable amount of investment. However, for businesses that print and issue ID cards regularly such as schools, banks, casinos, theme parks, etc, having plastic ID card printing and supplies on-site can help make more financial and operational sense. Luckily, the cost of maintaining your own ID card printer and printing system can be kept in check by following the easy tips shared below.


Choose the Correct Printer for Your Needs 

ID card printers are available in a wide range of models. Before deciding on the ID card printer suitable for your business, assess your needs and the features of the printer that you are considering. Do you need to print ID cards with magnetic stripes? If yes, you will have to choose an ID card printer with a built-in encoder. Make sure to buy a printer with the features you need to save the costs of buying new hardware in the future.


Get Extended Warranty 

Usually, ID card printers come with a warranty from the printer manufacturer. Printhead replacement will also be covered in this warranty. But, after the expiry of the warranty period, you will have to pay for the costs of replacing parts. In the opinion of ID card printer technicians and professionals, the cost of printhead replacement alone can be substantial. Therefore, it will be a wise idea to invest in an extended warranty for your ID card printer as it can offer you sizeable savings in the long run. 


Buy The Right Supplies 

ID card printer supplies like cleaning kits and ribbons are brand and printer specific. This means that if you are using a Fargo printer, you can only use genuine Fargo printer ribbon on it. Therefore, make sure to note the exact model of your ID card printer while ordering printer supplies. Also, when ordering blank plastic ID cards, you have the option to choose between generic PVC cards and branded cards. If you go for generic cards, make sure to buy only from trusted retailers as there are plastic cards of low quality available in the market, and using them can result in poor print quality and card jams. 


Handle Printer Supplies Properly 

The life span of your ID card printer can be affected by the way you handle the consumables you use in the printer. Therefore, you need to store and handle printer supplies properly. Ensure that blank ID cards are handled with care. This is because the smallest speck of dust or fingerprint can result in lines, dull areas or voids on the cards. In addition, contamination can reduce the life of the printhead, leading to printer downtime and costly repairs.