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Everything You Need to Know About Using QR Codes on ID Cards

Many companies add an additional layer of security on their photo ID cards by using barcodes, QR codes, magnetic stripes, or smart card encoding. This also helps them to include more relevant information on the ID cards, which can be used to define access to specific areas in the building for the cardholders. Adding QR codes is one of the simplest ways to store additional data on the ID cards, while remaining within the budget. The Fargo DTC 1250e can be paired together with reliable id card printing software in order to print QR codes onto id cards, badges, or loyalty cards depending on your needs.

Using QR Codes on ID Cards

QR codes are a high-tech yet cost-effective option to verify the cardholder’s identification. QR stands for “Quick Response” and the code is represented by small black and white squares printed on the ID cards. You can find QR codes in many consumer goods and retail products these days. This is because while a standard barcode can hold just up to 25 characters of information, a QR code can store more than 4,000 characters. This means you can add much more information in a QR code when compared to using barcodes.

The advances in technology have made it very easy to read QR codes as well. You can even use a smartphone app to check the information embedded in the QR codes on your ID cards. This makes using QR codes a more flexible option for companies and removes the need for investing in any specific card reader and decoder equipment to bolster the security of their organization. At the same time, QR codes open up a pool of possibilities to store data on the ID cards.

While scanning the QR code will give you instant information about the cardholder, such as the rights to access and authorizations, it can also be used for determining the credentials visiting the organization. This gives the security personnel on the entry points a reliable way to identify unauthorized access and manage visitors in a more efficient way. Aside from that, QR codes can also be used for attendance tracking, membership verification, streamlining employee schedules, and more.

Using QR codes on ID cards is also very simple. You just need to get an ID card printer software that comes with the capability to design and print QR codes. You can even print multiple QR codes on your company ID cards for adding a more robust layer of security, such as one on the front with access data and another on the back to include cardholder information. This way, you can easily extend the functionality of your ID cards.

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