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Why Is My Proximity Card Not Working?

Why Is My Proximity Card Not Working?

Many businesses make use of proximity cards. They are mainly used as door access cards and have an integrated circuit, which is attached to an antenna and sandwiched between plastic. A normal ID card printer should not be used to print on proximity cards as it might damage the internal circuit inside the card. There are specialized ID card printers available in the market that can be used to safely print on these cards. 

Proximity cards make use of RFID (Radio-frequency identification) which is a wireless technology used to facilitate communication between electronic devices. In the ID card industry, RFID technology enables contactless smartcards to communicate with a card reader. However, many things can interfere with this communication and render a proximity card useless. Let us see what these are. 

Reasons For Proximity Card Failure 

When used properly, proximity cards are a reliable access control device. There can be mainly three reasons for a proximity card to not work properly. 


  • The broken connection between antenna and chip: The connection between the antenna and the chip of the card can get disconnected due to abnormal wear and tear on the proximity card where the chip is located. 

  • Exposure To Electrostatic Discharge: As said above, proximity cards have an integrated circuit in the plastic shell and the programming in the IC can be wiped out by static energy. 

  • Exposure To Extreme Magnetic Fields: Extreme magnetic fields can also wipe out the programming of the chip inside proximity cards. 


If any of these has occurred, you might need to get the proximity card replaced. Understand that proper storage and handling of proximity cards is essential to ensure the long life of the card. A cost-effective and easy way to ensure the longevity of proximity cards is by using an ID card or badge holder that is designed for these cards. 

Proximity card holders made using long-lasting materials are available with ID card suppliers and these cardholders can ensure the protection of your expensive proximity cards. These cardholders can also help increase the life of proximity cards which can save money in the long run. Long-lasting proximity card holders are available in a variety of materials like plastic, vinyl, heavy-duty vinyl, and polycarbonate. These cardholders are available in both horizontal and vertical orientation in packs of 50 or 100.