Fargo DTC4250e ID Card Printer

Fargo DTC4250e ID Card Printer

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Price: $1,799.00
Fargo DTC4250e ID Card Printer

Price: $1,799.00

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Fargo DTC4250e ID Card Printer Description

Professional-Grade Reliability and Security

If you need a printer that:

  •  prints large quantities of durable, high-quality ID cards
  •  offers medium security features
  • can serve  a growing organization with evolving needs

Then the Fargo DTC4250e Single-Sided Photo ID System was made for you. It easily upgrades to higher security and performance levels, making it ideal for various levels of production. 

Why users love it: Modular design— so you can easily upgrade when you need. Offers optional secure encoding on smart cards.

Ideal for: Mid-size businesses, schools, government agencies, and health-care facilities.

Typical Applications: Student IDs, employee IDs, access-control badges, payment cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, gift cards.

Compact and Easy to Use

Let’s face it: we’re all tight on space. The DTC4250e is designed to take up minimum office real estate, with optional same-side input/output card hoppers that work  for even the tightest office spaces. The SmartScreen™ display offers easy-to-follow prompts that make the entire process remarkably uncomplicated. 

Powerful and Versatile

Need to print a LOT of cards? The DTC4250 features a 100-card input and 100-card output hopper for high-volume printing. You can even print up to 200 cards in one go with the optional 200-card input hopper. Plus, it prints on various card thicknesses and types, including thin (9mm) cards, smart cards and rewritable cards.

Print with Peace of Mind

Protect your data with the DTC4250e single-sided printer. It features password protection on top of the AES-256 data encryption included in Fargo’s more basic models. Add layers of card security with an optional embedded iCLASS® SE smart card encoder and UV printing with optional fluorescent ribbons.

Upgrade Easily as Your Needs Grow

The DTC4250e is a modular printer, so you can easily add security or performance features as your organization grows. All upgrades can be easily performed at your office, making the DTC4250e the Fargo printer of choice for the widest range of applications.

Optional Dual-Sided Printing

Print additional information—like a barcode or digital signature—on the back of the card. 

Optional Encoding

Add security and functionality to your cards by easily upgrading to  enable smart card, magnetic stripe card and proximity card encoding.

Optional Same-side Input/Output Card Hopper

Makes the printer even more compact for tight office spaces. 

Optional Dual-input Card Hopper

Allows for higher capacity batch-printing.

Optional Wi-Fi Capability

Don’t limit your ID card printing to your office only. Print anywhere, anytime with the optional Wi-Fi accessory.

Logitech C270 HD Webcam

Take High-Resolution Snapshots

The Logitech webcam features Logitech Fluid Crystal™ Technology—enabling it to capture crisp, clear photos that transfer effortlessly onto your photo ID badges. Simply plug it into your computer’s USB port and it is ready for use.


Color Ribbon and Cards

Everything you need to be up-and-running. Within minutes.

Want to start printing immediately? The system comes with a full-color YMCKO ribbon (EZ) for printing 250 images, plus 300 Bodno PVC cards. So you have everything you need to get started, now.

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