• Slot punches, sometimes referred to as slot hole punches or badge punches, are used on ID cards or ID badges so that they can be worn with ID accessories like lanyards, badge holders, badge reels and strap clips.
  • ID card slot punches are available in many styles, from basic handheld to desktop punches for high-volume applications.
  • CR80 PVC cards are available pre-slot punched, however these cards are generally not recommended by manufacturers for direct-to-card ID card printers, as these type of cards may damage print heads.

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What size hole does it punch?
Bodno slot punches makes oval slots, approximately 0.125 x .50"
How many cards can it punch at a time?
All of our slot punches can slot only 1 card at a time.
Can they punch vertical or horizontal slot punches?

They can be punched in either vertical or horizontal.