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The Best Cheap ID Card Printers - UPDATED July 2022


When it comes to purchasing the right type of ID card or badge printer for your office, small business, or university campus, you must always take into account your budget. Depending on your organization’s needs you may desire more advanced features such as security encoding, forgery proofing, or dual-sided printing options. 

Although these features may sound expensive, there’s always a budget-friendly ID card printer in your price range at Bodno. Below we will go over some of the key features to keep in mind when choosing an ID card printer, as well as some of our best cheap ID card printers that get you the most quality printing options that also fit your business’s budget. 


Choosing The Right ID Card Printer For Your Budget

There are a few factors to keep in mind before comparing budget-friendly ID card printers:

  • Will you be printing on one side or two sides?
  • What is the average amount of cards you will print in a year?
  • What types of security features do you need?

Each of these factors will help guide you towards the best budget-friendly ID card printer for your business or organization while finding the right quality, performance, and features. 


Single-Sided vs. Dual-Sided Printing

Not every printer prints on both sides of an ID card or badge. Although fairly straightforward, a dual-sided printer has a mechanism built in that allows it to print on both sides of the card, allowing for more information to be displayed on the back. Dual-sided printing capabilities are also useful when printing onto ID cards that are displayed on lanyards which can easily turn around, or if you need a barcode or magnetic strip encoding.

Although single-sided ID card printers only carry the capability of printing information and designs on one side, they also save you extra money.

Worried about whether you will need to upgrade to dual-sided cards in the future? Don’t worry, there are a variety of printers that come with upgradeable dual sided features like the Magicard 300 Dual Sided Upgrade Kit.


ID Card Printer Security Features

When it comes to security measures for your organization, there are a number of ways to achieve an ID card or badge that is fraud-proof. With ID card software programs, like Bodno Software, you can easily add signatures and logos to make each ID card unique. 

However, more advanced security features are also available, even in more budget-friendly ID card printer models! Holographic coating printed directly onto ID cards or badges is the best example of this and can be found as a standard feature in the Magicard 600 ID card printer. The Holokote technology overlays a unique watermark design directly onto your ID card or badge for custom visual security. Magicard Custom Holokote Key for Magicard 600 comes with both pre-made patterns as well as the ability to print custom designs of your logo across the entire card or in a 4 x 6 grid.

Below we will go over some of the best features on our most popular budget-friendly printer models for businesses and organizations both large and small.



Badgy100 id card printer single sided.

Price: $699

Cost Per Card: $0.47 single-sided color, $0.09 black and white

Print Speed: 45s/card

If your organization doesn't need to print in a high volume capacity and is looking to create single-sided ID cards or badges with minimal security features, then we recommend the Badgy100. The Badgy100 ID card printer has been specially designed with small businesses and organizations in mind and its compact size makes it simple to store and transport. Considered to be one of the most inexpensive printers on the market, the Badgy100 is reasonably priced and perfect for personal use or for smaller businesses and establishments.



Badgy200 id card printer.

Price: $799.00

Cost Per Card: $0.47 single-sided color, $0.09 black and white

Print Speed: 38s/card

The Badgy200 is the next step up from the Badgy100 and is capable of handling a higher print demand for both small businesses and organizations. Similar in both size and weight to its predecessor, the Badgy200 is perfect for those looking to get quality edge-to-edge printing at 200dpi with faster print speeds while still maintaining an affordable price point.


Magicard 300  

Magicard 300 id card printer.

Price: $1435.00

Cost Per Card: $0.32 single-sided color, $0.08 black and white

Print Speed: 23s/card

The Magicard 300 is one of our top-selling ID card printers on Bodno, and for good reason! One of Magicard’s newest models, the Magicard 300 ID card printer is a reliable mid-size printer for those looking to get fast, high-quality, and secure IDs or badges for educational institutes or medium-sized businesses. With 300dpi printing resolution, you get sharp and crystal clear photos every time that can also be printed with a holographic watermark that comes standard with each printer. Need magnetic stripe or smart card encoding? The Magicard 300 also offers encoding features as well as digital shredding technology so that personal information left over from your print jobs is irrecoverable.


Magicard 600 

Magicard 600 id card printer.

Price: $2246.50

Cost Per Card: $0.32 single-sided color, $0.08 black and white

Print Speed: 18s/card

The Magicard 600 is the premium upgrade from the Magicard 300 and offers many of the same features, now with faster print speeds, high-volume printing capacity, and superior print quality. With 600x300dpi printing resolution, you can print crystal clear images in under 20 seconds. Like the 300, the 600 also comes with customizable holographic watermark technology as standard. With the ability to print 200 cards in a single hour, the Magicard 300 is great for more mid-sized businesses and universities. Need to upgrade to dual-sided printing later on? The 600 models can easily upgrade to dual-sided printing with the Magicard Dual-Sided Upgrade Kit.

Evolis Primacy

Evolis Primacy ID card printer

Price: $1592.00

Cost Per Card: $0.31 single-sided color, $0.07 black and white

Print Speed: 24s/card

One of the pricier printers on our list, the Evolis Primacy is our pick for large-scale, secure, and high-quality ID card and badge printing for larger businesses, organizations, and university campuses. If you plan on printing 30,000 ID cards a year, the Evolis Primacy offers durable and secure print quality and cost-effective consumables. Printing about 225 full-color cards in an hour, you can print a large batch without having to monitor your printer. Any rejects will slide out of the back of the printer without interrupting your print job. The Evolis Primacy ID card printer also has a sleek and modern design that allows it to blend in perfectly with any office setting. 


 Zebra ZC100  

Zebra ZC100 ID card printer.

Price: $1195.00

Cost Per Card: $0.36 single-sided color, $0.08 black and white

Print Speed: 24s/card

The Zebra ZC100 offers some of the fastest print speeds at its price point while also featuring a wide number of applications such as advanced encryption security features, slim design, USB, ethernet, and Wi-Fi connectivity, and more. ZC100 is popular for use in printing student IDs, employee access badges, visitor badges, and membership IDs. With plug and play deployment, easy user interface, and simple ribbon changing, the Zebra ZC100 is also a great option for those who are looking for an ID card printer that is friendly for users of all experiences.


Zebra ZC350

Zebra ZC350 id card printer.

Price: $1799.00

Cost Per Card: $0.36 single-sided color, $0.08 black and white

Print Speed: 16s/card

Another step up from the ZC100 model, the Zebra ZC350 offers even faster print speeds at an affordable price that surpasses all others in its class. With its simple visual interface and easy to install system the ZC350 offers all the things you love about the ZC100 now with even more features like customizable encoding for magnetic strip, proximity, and contact encoding as well as outstanding 300dpi print resolution. If you’re looking to invest in a powerful ID card printer with encoding and security features while still meeting your budget then the Zebra ZC350 is for you.