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ID Badge Safety And Security Features Needed in Hospitals 

Healthcare facilities bear a big responsibility to safeguard their employees and patients. Moreover, an efficient access management system is necessary to ensure HIPAA compliant privacy regulation, reducing the risk of injury, safe handling of patients, and prevention of violence. This is where badges come to help. ID card printers like Evolis printers can be used to offer access control solutions that can help keep all moving pieces of your hospital running smoothly. Some of the important security capabilities that your hospital can offer while printing badges and ID cards at the facility are shared below.

On-Demand Visitor Badges 

With the help of in-house ID card printers, you will be able to implement a visitor management system to streamline daily tasks to improve the working efficiency of your facility. ID card printers like Zebra printers and Evolis printers can allow your front desk staff to print visitor badges on site. The fast print speed of these devices will help you regulate the flow of visitors effectively. Also, tracking visitors lets you record each of their in and out times.

Visitor Access Control Security Features 

On-site ID card printer management solutions can be used to track the visitors within the hospital facility. These printers can print the photo of the visitor along with text, barcodes, and numerals necessary for regulation. On-demand badges and IDs will let you control visitor access thereby minimizing fraudulent use. Moreover, you can restrict access to areas with medical equipment and hazardous devices, protect patients and keep track of who is in your facility with on-demand printed ID cards.

Personalized Access Management For Staff 

With the help of ID card printers, you will be able to print employee badges on-site that grant logical and physical access wherever necessary. ID printers and laminators assist in customizing employee access management to authenticate identity, provide validation, and guarantee accountability. With an ID card that is printed on-site, you can enable or disable staff access to different areas. Printing in bold letters and vivid colors will let you color code the cards and assign titles and permissions that can be recognized easily.

Apart from the above security capabilities, on-site ID card printers will help maintain safe social distancing and contactless verification of the visitors, which are very important due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Touchless encoding of smartcards can help minimize the spread of germs and digital unlocking capabilities allow badge holders to move in your hospital without touching any door handles.

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