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How to Ensure the Best Print Quality from Your Card Stock? 

Every ID card printer user will wish to get the best print quality from their ID card stock, whether PVC cards, Prox cards, or Composite cards. However, the best print quality is determined by many factors. Our experts in ID card software and ID card printers share a few tips that can help you ensure the best quality output from your ID cards. 

Buy Only Good Quality ID Card Stock 

While shopping for plastic ID card stock, you need to ensure that you are getting high-quality stock that does not have defects like small blemishes on the card surface or jagged edges that can interfere with the ID card printing process.  Always keep in mind that your ID card printer can only print properly on a blank ID card with a smooth surface. Make sure to buy your ID card supplies from a reputed supplier in your area. You can also check for online reviews before ordering stock from a new ID card supplier. 

Store Your Card Stock Properly 

It is also important to store your card stock properly to ensure high-quality printing. This is because excess dust, debris, hair or lint can get past the cleaning roller of the ID card printer and damage your printer. Even though most of us do not use our ID card printer in a clean space, we should ensure that our ID card stock is properly stored and protected from dust and debris. After unwrapping the blank ID cards, store them in a zip-lock bag. This can protect the stock from dust, hair and other debris, thereby ensuring good printer life and high-quality printing. 

Reduce Handling 

Do your best to avoid touching your ID card stock with your bare hands. It is important to not touch the surface of blank ID cards with bare hands. This is because the oils on your hands can get transferred to the surface of blank ID cards and can prevent the ink from sticking to the card surface, thereby negatively affecting print quality. You can handle blank cards by the edges, but if you have to touch the surface of blank cards, make sure to wear rubber gloves.


These are some vital tips to ensure good print quality. Having a clean cardstock is the key to having good print quality and this applies to all proximity card and PVC card stock.