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Differences between HiCo and LoCo Magnetic Stripe Cards

Magnetic stripe cards can hold data by altering the magnetism of small iron-based magnetic particles on the plastic card's magnetic material band. This can not only enhance the security of the ID cards issued by your organization but also adds to its functionality and use. Magnetic stripe ID cards can be used for access control, attendance tracking, inventory management, payments, and more.

There is two types of magnetic stripe cards that you can use for your varied purposes – HiCo and LoCo. HiCo refers to high-coercivity, while LoCo refers to low-coercivity. Coercivity refers to the resistance of the magnetic material on the card to changes in field intensity, making it demagnetized. In other words, HiCo and LoCo denote the durability and practicality of the magnetic stripe ID cards.

Choosing from HiCo and LoCo Magnetic Stripe Cards

Coercivity is measured in oersted or Oe, representing the strength or intensity of the card's magnetic field. HiCo magnetic stripe cards are magnetically harder and can run as high as 4000 Oe (2750 Oe on average). On the other hand, LoCo magnetic stripe cards are magnetically softer and endure only up to 300 Oe. However, both HiCo and LoCo magnetic stripe cards can hold the same amount of data. Looking for an ID card printer that has magnetic stripe encoding? Try the Magicard Enduro 3e for proximity, membership, and guest card printing.

In general, HiCo magnetic stripe cards are recommended for frequent use as they are expected to last for a long time. LoCo magnetic stripe cards are recommended to organizations that need to change data routinely. A practical application of that will be when printing hotel key cards. That is why it is advised to determine the card's time and functionality before settling on a particular type of magnetic stripe card.

The data embedded in HiCo magnetic stripe ID cards are more difficult to erase and replace. However, they are more durable than LoCo cards and can be swiped many more times in comparison. This makes them ideal for credit cards, drivers' licenses, and proximity cards. HiCo magnetic stripe cards also have a stronger magnetic field, which helps prolong the life of the ID cards.

LoCo cards are more prone to being damaged when they are close to strong magnets or magnetic fields. Yet they make it simple to erase and replace the data, which can benefit some users, such as when issuing gift cards, season passes, transit tickets, etc. They are ideal for infrequent use, and any card reader with a lower amount of magnetic energy can read the data in LoCo magnetic stripe cards.


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