It is a simple matter these days to print your own IDs, using one of the many ID card printers available on the market. The problem with owning one, though, is that it needs replenishing on supplies every now and then. If you own a Magicard Enduro3E, you will need a few things to make sure your card printing gets done quickly and correctly.

HoloKote system

HoloKote is a system you will find only on Magicard printers, which allows rendering watermark-like designs onto cards without having to pay a dime extra. Nor does this require any specialized equipment – most new Magicard printers have this feature built in. These designs are more secure than what you could get out of other brands. Both the Enduro and Pronto printers carry multiple HoloKote designs for you to pick from, or you could just make a custom HoloKote after upgrading to Rio Pro.

Blank PVC Cards

Blank cards from Magicard come in a range of styles, such as the following.

  • Composite cards
  • Standard PVC
  • HoloPatch
  • Magnetic stripe
  • Adhesive back

Monochrome & Color Printer Ribbons

Every modern ID card printer needs printer ribbons to render a design onto a PVC card, as opposed to ink. There are very many varieties of printer ribbons available based on style and yield, which means it is possible to print anything from a full-color photo ID, to a basic QR-coded membership card with the ID number.

Magicard offers color printer ribbons that can print all colors, as well as monochrome ones that can render just a single color, without gradient or shading.


Laminating over a print job makes your card more durable, but it requires an overlaminate film that would go on top of the ribbon you used. You can get laminates in holographic as well as clear styles, the former being capable of providing better visual security.

Cleaning Kits

This wraps up the list of things you need if you own a Magicard Enduro3E printer. A cleaning kit is required to make sure too much dust or debris does not build up and damage the printer. It is generally best to clean the printer after you replace the ribbon, which is bound to happen frequently if you need cards printed a lot. A typical ID card printer cleaning kit includes cleaning pens, swabs, large cleaning cards, cleaning rollers, and wipes.